Ansys is committed to supporting both engineering students and professionals reach their education and career goals. Introducing Ansys Innovation Marketplace, a destination for taking your commitment to learning to the next level with career products and premium learning. Whether you’re a Student seeking to learn new skills or become more attractive to potential employers or a Professional engineer looking to sharpen your skills, test your knowledge and get certified, you can find the right products that will support your education and career goals.

We offer a range of products from digital badges that allow you to showcase your successful completion of free Ansys Innovation Courses and Learning tracks, to Certifications that test your knowledge of fundamentals, applications, and usage of Ansys simulation products to validate your skills, as well as Premium Learning Courses that allow you to obtain job-ready skills through courses that are industry specific and taught by subject matter experts. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to purchase Azure Cloud Services combined with our free Ansys Student products to remove hardware restrictions, supporting learning on any device, anywhere. Other options include the opportunity to invest in Cloud and Badge Combinations. Transform your knowledge and experience into certified skills. Get noticed and take control of your career growth.

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