Export Control Regulations

Last updated May 5. 2021
The goods and services offered via the AIC Web Service are partly subject to national and international export control regulations. In addition to the law applicable to the respective markets, the providers shall also observe the law of the United States of America, as they also sell products from manufacturers in that country.
The providers cannot prevent persons with whom no contract can be concluded under these provisions from using the part of the Web Service that can be viewed without registration. In the course of registration for the locked part of the Web Service, a check is carried out to determine whether a contractual relationship with the user may violate export control regulations. If this is the case, the user shall not have access to the locked part of the AIC Web Service. This and other measures taken in CADFEM’s Internal Compliance Program ensure that no contracts are initiated or concluded via the Web Service that violate export control regulations.
Currently site is restricted to users coming from embargoed countries, Russia, China, and Ukraine
Any questions regarding Export control regulations, procedures or any other export control matter can be directed to legal@cadfem.in
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