Rajesh Bhaskaran, Ph.D.

Swanson Director of Engineering Simulation, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Bhaskaran’s work seeks to promote the “democratization of simulation” through effective integration of simulation tools into engineering education. He directs the Swanson lab and has helped introduce industry-standard simulation tools into Cornell courses covering fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid mechanics and numerical analysis. 

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Rajesh Bhaskaran, Ph.D.

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Courses by Dr. Rajesh Bhaskaran are free and can be accessed on the AIC platform. Access the 16 courses below.

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Cornell Certificate Program

Ansys and Cornell University join forces to create a dynamic engineering curriculum, enabling nearly every engineering student to master simulation. This certificate program empowers you to create reliable and validated simulations without the need to focus on all the underlying mathematics. Using a proven methodology, these courses will help you approach CFD problems like an expert.

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